Long Island Hair Salon: Working with Clients with Psoriasis

Help Your Scalp Feel Better

Are you struggling with the debilitating and discomforting symptoms of psoriasis? In that case, it’s natural for you to run miles away from hair salons, as most hair salons don’t provide solutions and treatments that can help clients experience healing and wellness.

At the Long Island Hair Salon, we understand the needs of clients struggling with psoriasis, and we can truly help you reclaim your confidence!

We work with products that help to remove flakes from the scalp and hair, we use gentle ingredients that won’t burn, sting or irritate the scalp.

Psoriasis: Dealing with an Autoimmune Disease

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that triggers a wide host of symptoms on the skin and scalp. It causes flaking and irritation on the skin, but its symptoms are most damaging on the scalp. You see, psoriasis of the scalp can cause heavy scarring and acute hair loss.

Most people don’t realize they are struggling with psoriasis until the heavy hair loss forces them to consult a dermatologist. The symptoms are extremely worrying, as psoriasis causes horrible scarring on the scalp. This scaring prevents the growth of new hair strands, causing the hair to thin out and sometimes fall aggressively.

Hair growth is essential to keep your mane healthy and voluminous, but the scarring will prevent hair growth unless it is treated at the root cause. That’s where we come in to help you reclaim your confidence and rejuvenate your mane.

Stopping Flair Ups and Fighting Dandruff

Our treatment is designed to curb the damaging symptoms of psoriasis and help you recover from the scarring. We specialize in curbing psoriasis flair ups and eliminating dandruff from its root cause. And we do not achieve these goals using any kind of abrasive or toxic products.

Over the years, we have helped countless clients overcome psoriasis flair ups and dandruff to support healthy hair growth. Our treatment involves the use of products that help the scalp breath and heal gradually. With each session, you will find your hair becoming healthier, longer and more voluminous. It’s a slow and steady process, but you will see the progress working tremendously!

Are you having second thoughts about visiting a hair salon for treating scalp psoriasis? We advise booking a consultation session with our team to learn more about the treatment and how it can help you. Book your consultation session today and let our hair experts help you find the perfect cure!

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