How To Prepare For Your Hair Consultation

Think you are all set for you consultation at a new salon? You called, booked the appointment… now your preparation begins! When walking into a salon for a new hairstyle there are a few things you need to do to make sure your hair stylist fully understands what you want.

1. Know What You Want.

If you just want a change and feel comfortable giving your stylist complete creative freedom that is amazing–go for it! BUT… if you came into the salon with a look in mind it is your job to express what you want to the stylist clearly and accurately. Everyone describes color differently so make sure to bring pictures with you to help the colorist understand the hair color your looking to achieve.

2. Pictures Of The Look You Want

The pictures you bring in should be (most importantly) someone with similar hair texture, length, thickness and facial complexion. (The same look will not look good or even be possible to achieve on all hair types)

Now pictures of the look you want… try to express what it is that you like about the look. The hair color, the haircut, dimensions and contrast? Maybe it is the hairstyle or the tone and brightness of the picture? If you are unsure exactly what you like about a picture bring in a few images and it is your stylist job to help you pinpoint exactly what you like about the hairstyle in the images.

3. Be Realistic!

Your stylist will do everything they can to give you the look you want.  When looking at celebrity images often we are drawn mostly to the hairstyle rather than the actual color.  Hair extensions and clip in hair pieces are very often used to achieve that perfect “Kim Kardashian Body Wave”.

If you are not up for extensions remember your stylist cannot make you hair any thicker or longer with hair color or a haircut.

A complicated hair coloring job can take time, make sure to allow enough time in your schedule to really give your stylist what they need to get your hair where you want it to be. (not everything can be done in one shot!)

4. Be honest about your hair history.

Although you may not want to open up to someone you have just met, it is very important when formulating hair color, performing hair treatments or even installing hair extensions for your stylist to know your full hair history.

This includes hair coloring experiences good or bad… especially the most recent ones. (they do not care if you used a cvs boxed color at home, but need to know what colors are hiding underneath)

Recent medications- blood pressure, thyroid and painkillers along with many other medications all change the texture and chemistry of your hair. Your hair will react differently to color and may feel dry or loose its elasticity from these medications. A stylist needs to know this information before cutting or formulating hair color for you.

We want you to have the best possible outcome with your hair, so a great hair consultation is key. You need to feel confident in the stylist/colorist and need to feel that you trust them, ther skill experience and advice.

All Chemical Hair Treatments- Your stylist wants to keep you hair healthy, strong and have you leave the salon looking beautiful. It is extremely important to tell your stylist if you have done any relaxers, perms, chemical straighteners or any kind including keratin treatments, brazilian blowout, japanese hair straightening…

** Highlighting while any of these treatments are in your hair can cause serious breakage, be sure to fully disclose to your stylist all past chemical hair treatments.

Your stylist wants you to leave the salon loving you your new look, with healthy shiny brilliant hair, but it’s not just up to them.  Help your stylist give you the hairstyle, color, haircut or hair extensions you have always wanted by showing up to your appointment prepared with pictures, having a realistic expectations, and fully disclosing all relevant hair history.

Tell us in the comments below about your hair consultation experiences, if they have gone terribly wrong in the past we hope these tips will allow you to better communicate with you hair stylist!

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