Calligraphy Haircuts

Calligraphy Haircuts

Is this technique a game changer or just a fancy term for a classic cut?

A Calligraphy Haircut, is cutting wet hair using “The Calligraphy Pen’s blade is angled at three degrees, which cuts each strand of hair on the diagonal” according to Modern Salon.

While we hear a ton of buzz around to hair cutting tool and its ability to create volume… we see several flaws in the technique.

  1. You have to cut on wet hair. When using this hair cutting tool, the haircut must be done on wet hair. This is never a good way to start a haircut. All great hair stylist know that to achieve the best possible haircut you must see hair dry. While cutting hair dry is more difficult, takes more technique and is more time consuming that final results surpass a we haircut.
  2. Cutting with a straight edge or bald increase breakage and frizz. While the calligraphy pen may look like a creative and cool new hair cutting tool it is essential still razor. We highly advise against razor haircuts. They splice the hair creating broken strands, frizz and weakens the hair shaft.
  3. Creating the same effect with cutting shears- If you are looking for a super texturized haircut you can create the same effect with point cutting and undercutting with compromising the integrity of the hair.

After researching the pros and cons of using a calligraphy pen blade we advise against using the tool and opting for a dry haircut using texturizing techniques with a a normal cutting shear. If you have the experience, training and proper technique you can achieve any haircut with a pair of hair cutting shears.

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