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For people that truly struggle with their hair.

Uncompromised excellence in hair coloring, haircuts and hair health treatments.

We’ll take care of you & your struggling hair.

Our 3 Areas of Expertise:

Hair Loss and Thinning Hair Specialists
We understand fine hair is a huge insecurity for many women, we’re here to help thicken your hair and beautify your appearance.
Curly Hair Specialists
We want you to embrace your unique curls and learn to love your hair. We specialize in helping out-of-control curly hair by cutting with the right techniques and correctly treating it.
Color and Highlight Correction Specialists
We will custom formulate your hair color and highlights according to your complexion and lifestyle.

We'll Help You Love Your Hair Again - Guaranteed!

We're the hair salon for people that have tried everything and need a solution that actually works for their struggling hair.
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Hair Loss and 
Thinning Hair

We'll help you finally take control and get results.
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Color and Highlight Correction

Get the best hair color & highlights in Long Island.
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Curly Hair

We specialize in perfecting curly hair & helping you love your curls.
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After one treatment with us, you'll never settle for another salon.

What Makes us Different?

Our patent pending lipid treatments are completely revolutionary and provide uncompromising healing nourishment to heal damaged hair.

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Client Reviews

We're honored to have so many encouraging stories to share with you. Please listen to their experience and see more by heading to our reviews page.

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Our proprietary hair products & treatments are revolutionary. Using our products will stop the cycle of damage and allow your hair to recover to its most healthy natural state.

"It is truly one of the first times I can look in the mirror and say I love my hair."


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Long Island New York Hair Salon

Here at Tomy B. Salon, we're a hair salon located in Long Island and we specialize in helping people that are truly stuck with struggling hair.  We're a hair salon for thinning hair, those who are losing their hair, for unruly or damaged hair, and for those who want perfection in their hair coloring.

If you're searching for a Long Island, NY Hair Salon, we'd be honored to help you finally take control of your hair and love the way you look!

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