Fine Hair

How We Work With Fine Hair

Fine hair is the type of hair is smaller in diameter and thinner in texture than the “normal” hair strand. Fine hair can be difficult to handle because its fragile, quick fall flat and tends to lose style. While every individual person has specific hair issues, these are our general tips on working with fine hair to make it look its best!

First Up… Products!

Choosing the right type of shampoo and conditioner for fine hair

The biggest problem with fine hair is lack of volume and how quickly it can get greasy. To cope with this problem, we typically recommend using a volumizing shampoo and no conditioner… ( if you feel you MUST use conditioner, just a tiny bit of a very light conditioner on the ends!) It is always better to choose a shampoo that is sulfate and paraben free.

Styling Products

Before brushing your hair, apply a very small about of styling cream or hair serum.

*** FINE HAIR TIP! Never brush fine hair when it is wet. Fine hair is fragile to begin with, and is MOST fragile when wet. Remove moisture with a blow dryer before brushing it!

Use hairspray to hold the volume… a little bit of hairspray both before and after styling with give your fine hair volume.

How we cut fine hair

  • At Tomy B. Salon, we ALWAY cut fine hair dry. We can see how the hair falls and give a precise haircut.
  • Don’t Layer- too many layers will make your hair look finer. Fine hair needs weight to hold it in place and give a finished look and style
  • Keep it short (…unless you wear hair extensions!) Fine hair looks fuller, thicker and livelier when it is on the shorter side. We recommend shoulder length and above

Treatments For Fine Hair…

  • Lipid Complex Hair Treatment – fine hair is fragile and prone to breakage, we suggest having a lipid complex treatment done. This fatty acid and amino acid treatment will leave the hair softer, healthier and stronger
  • Collagen Infusion Hair Treatment- The treatment uses elastin to add elasticity to the hair and collagen protein to strengthen the hair. This treatment will help stop and prevent breakage and make the hair more flexible and easier to blow dry. The collagen infusing hair treatment will help your hair hold style better and longer.

Enhancing Fine Hair With Hair Extensions…

  • Tape In Hair Extensions- carefully installed permanent and 100% human hair extensions that add length, body and volume to fine hair. While they are gentle on the hair they require frequent maintenance.
  • Halo Hair Extensions- This custom made, 100% human hair extension system add volume, body and/or length to fine hair. It is a hair piece that you take in and out yourself and wear when you want it!

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